Eqeep is always looking for good candidates for our customers. We do this within the sectors High Tech, Utility & Energy, Telco, Oil & Gas, Machinery and Shipbuilding, with highly educated ICT professionals. Eqeep has deep knowledge and experience in the entire ICT market. The opportunities are published on our site, so candidates have the opportunity to respond to interesting assignments themselves.

Is your job not listed?

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Ensure continuity

The core of our mission is always maximum customer satisfaction of both our client and the contractor. If the two sides work, the game runs smoothly. Our client has an interest in the estate executor performs his work at a competitive price. The professionals we recruit we have frequent contact in order to monitor the quality of our services. Additionally Eqeep provides additional services to its professionals. Here you can think of various forms of coaching, offering training and education, insurance, taking care of the administration and taxes. In this way Eqeep can contribute to increasing and securing the quality of professionals (freelancers / self-employed) and the unburdening of both contractor and client.